Successful Law practice

Mr. Jihad El Haddad has lived and worked as a successful litigator in the Great Emirate of Dubai and other GCC countries, with over 10 years’ rich experience in Litigation & Dispute resolution. Today, he is a well-reputed litigator in these regions whereby his extensive experience as litigator and Lawyer in the courts has granted him a reputation of being one of the best lawyers, Barristers and legal Consultants in Dubai.

For over the past decade, I, Jihad El Haddad, have sought to provide my clients in Dubai and UAE with personalized and friendly Legal services and advices. Without any exception, I respect all my clients and am compassionate towards them, and ensure that I maintain a good line of communication with them while I handle their legal matters, Disputes.

Report and Legal Opinions

Mr. Jihad El Haddad under the Umbrella of Al Jazeera Advocates are well versed with various areas of law, and are able to provide Expert Reports and Legal Opinions on each area, including, but not limited to, commercial law, real estate law.

Attestation or Authentication of Documents to be used outside the U.A.E

Get a true copy of an original document signed by your legal consultant and legal firm in preparation to using the same outside the U.A.E Or get your legal consultant acknowledge your signature in front of him ( Signed In Front Of Him ). Please not that UAE is non-member of the Hague Convention, accordingly all the document intended to be use in United Arab Emirates required legalization though notary public or diplomatic channels and not just apostille which generally known as attestation or authentication.

Areas of Practice