No one can put a price on one’s experience. But with documents relevant to the case in hand, I, Jihad El Haddad, will explain your options and his role in your matter.


You can get the right kind of legal help if that help is no motivated by money alone. Through Mr. Jihad El Haddad’s years of experience, he has found that his profession is about counseling those with fewer years in the profession, where families can get hurt and where the time of lawyers is indeed expensive.
If the potential client does hire his services, the fee is billed to him, but not if he doesn’t. By doing this, he is confident that his experience and credentials will be motivating factors for potential clients to choose him. Besides, he will be by his clients’ side from start to finish, so why not consider him?


Realistic Matter Assessment: Mr. Jihad El Haddad’s vast expertise as a Legal Consultant in Dubai and U.A.E can help give you the right solution to your businesses disputes. With the right lawyer, your case can have amicable or reasonable out of court settlement, if negotiated well.
Mr. Jihad El Haddad will give you the correct picture of your case and what to expect of the outcome.
It could also be that due to Mr. Jihad El Haddad’s vast experience, he can see a solution in sight for you. So, if you regard him as your attorney at law working for you rather than your money, you’ve made the right choice.

After all, here’s an attorney at law with more experience in business cases than those you find elsewhere can solve your problems faster, easier, quicker and cheaper than most trial lawyers. So, why not go for an experienced lawyer who can smoothen the path for you?
There are hundreds and thousands of lawyers in Dubai and finding them is very easy, now with the Internet, but for most people, it is more important to find the right lawyer than just a good lawyer.