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Jihad El Haddad (Managing Director /Barrister)

My name is Jihad El Haddad and I am a practicing lawyer, registered at the Beirut Bar Association. I specialize in Civil Law, Real Estate Law, Criminal Law, Foreign Law, Property Law and Corporate Law. I practiced Law in Lebanon until I moved back to the U.A.E. Here, I continue to practice with Dubai as my base.

  • Registered as Legal Practitioner (Solicitor) in Part 2 of in the DIFC Courts’ register of Practitioners (Dubai, U.A.E)
  • Managing Director in charge of Al Jazeera  Advocates in Dubai comprising of high potential lawyers, supported by legal researchers , secretaries and administrative staff. The department served the largest and most reputable corporate bodies in the U.A.E and abroad with great dedication

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Jihad El Haddad - Dubai Best Lawyer

Dispute Resolution

My 15  years of professional experience extends to resolving disputes and litigation in the real estate sector of the Gulf Region in general and the U.A.E. in particular, and the GCC countries. Today, I’m a very highly respected litigators in these regions. Alongside this, I also ventured into procedures relating to the incorporation of companies based in the U.A.E and elsewhere.

I am a strong votary of arbitration and dispute resolution processes to enhance my clients’ business interests. My Law practice is focused on clients belonging to the local real estate business in Dubai and the U.A.E., apart from international clients in this sector. I also advise clients of the banking and intellectual property fraternities, apart from also practicing commercial litigation, and helping defending assisting arbitration proceedings and pursuing the same within the U.A.E. and internationally.
In September, 2002, I shifted base to Dubai and practiced there alongside lawyers and professionals and worked for Dubai-based clients and those from abroad, spanning a wide spectrum of cases within courtrooms and outside of them.I take full responsibility for being at the helm of affairs in guiding the actions of our arbitration clients across the U.A.E., and am considered a sagacious legal consultant.
On a daily basis, I facilitate the process of advising clients in three languages—Arabic, English and French. My chief responsibilities are to wholly protect my clients’ interests and to provide competent legal representation based on my skills and experience with the objective of solving your problems, achieving your goals, avoiding conflict or resolving disputes. As a student, I worked for one of the biggest public notaries in Beirut.

Career Experience

I have amassed a lot of experience and knowledge of Corporate Law, particularly drafting contracts including but not limited to joint ventures, Memorandum of Understandings, Distribution Agreements, Loan Agreements, shareholders agreements, and emplacements agreements, etc.I also hold a B. S. Degree in Business Management that has helped me understand and execute my clients’ legal needs. I also supervises the heads of various departments of my law firm.

Alwasl International Group – Nov 2007 - 2019

Mr. Jihad El Haddad had been working with Alwasl International Group Advocates & Legal Consultants as their legal consultant since November 2007 in Dubai.He  handled all litigation proceedings for different types of disputes (commercial, civil, real estate, etc) His other important responsibilities include:

  • Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts, memorandums of associations, joint ventures agreements, franchise agreements, distribution agreements, loan agreements, shareholders agreements, emplacements agreements
  • Formulation of Memorandum of Association for foreign companies
  • Confidentiality and acknowledgment letters
  • Legal Notices and replies to legal notices
  • Power of Attorney
  • Settlement agreements, Memorandum of Understandings, (MOU), legal services agreements, etc.
  • Reviewing of MOUs regarding property transactions, Property Development Agreements, Reservations Contracts, Assignment agreements Property Sales Agreements
  • Advising clients on trademark registration, filing trademarks, copyright registration relating to art, literature and computer software
  • Providing general legal advices on corporate and commercial matters, investments, banking and real estate
  • Advising and guiding companies in daily corporate activities, transactions and arrangements, and planning group structuring
  • Providing information and assisting in setting up local and overseas multinational companies in Dubai and the UAE free zones
  • Providing legal support for operations, ensuring appropriate and requisite legal documentation, giving advice on the design and development of new services and preparing cases for litigation or other legal resources
  • Attending meetings with and on behalf of the clients
  • Directing and coordinating between foreign clients and other legal consultants within the group
  • Being the coordinator of the main office

During his work experience with Al Wasl International Group Advocates & Legal Consultants,he provided high quality legal services and consultations in favor of and against different companies including but not limited to:HSBC Bank, Middle East, Standard Chartered Bank, Al Baraka Islamic Bank (Bahrain), Bartercard Emirates, Orient Travel, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Islamic Bank, Hitachi Plant Technologies, DSEC Corporation FZC; Rak Bank, The Palm, Emaar, KTV Middle East, Julfar Gulf Pharmaceuticals Industries, Testa Rossa Caffe, Seven Seas Computers, Julphar, Arab Star Oil,  Decision Maker TV (National Broadcast Center), Perfect Vision, Al Wasl False Ceilings, Toronto Contracting, Fioro Rosse Furniture Trading, Al Sawsan General Transport, The Cool Group, CCL Gulf Prestressed  Concrete L.L.C; Media Insight, City Call, Baya Graph Advertisement, Mona Beauty Center, Design Lab, Golden Spark, Gimpex Gulf Import & Export, G & B International Décor,  Buildx Engineering Decor Works, Scandinavian Boiler Services, Toscana Landscaping, Rawaat Group Of Companies; Red Event Services; Shaafar Special Materials, Shaafar General Contracting, Al Serkal & Assarain Concrete Products, Foot Print, Color Lines, Jas Middle East, Semco Maritime, Scomi Oil, Al Ain Class, Cooper International, Espace Real Estate Broker, Hydra Properties, Dubai Scientific School, Al Wasl Marketing, Mashreq Bank,  etc.

  • Mr. Jihad El Haddad has also worked as a lawyer with Youssef Ballout law firm, Beirut, Lebanon

• Drafting and reviewing litigation and arbitration Memorandums before all applicable courts across the U.A.E and its recognized arbitration centers.
• Handling different types of litigation in different disputes (commercial, civil, real estate, etc)
• Providing legal support for operations, ensuring appropriate and requisite legal documentation, giving advice on the design and development of new services and preparing cases for litigation or other legal resources
• Attending meetings with and on behalf of the clients

  • Mr. Jihad El Haddad has also worked as a lawyer with Antoine Salame Law Firm, Beirut, Lebanon

• Advising clients on trademark registration, filing trademark, copyright registration relating to art, literature and computer software
• Providing general legal advice on corporate and commercial matters Investment, banking and real estate.
• Analyzing legal issues, preparing statements on policies and issues, enjoying challenging jobs, arranging meetings and accomplishing all other routine office work.

Resolving Business Disputes:

Al Jazeera  Advocates use methods such as mediation, arbitration, negotiation and litigation to resolve business disputes. We provides the following services:
•             Realistic Matter Assessment
•             Direct Access 24×7
•             Selective and Limited Client Population
•             Prophylactic Counseling
•             Representative Matters

Mr. Jihad El Haddad is the kind of lawyer that solves disputes through negotiation, arbitration and mediation. He fights for the rights of the business. In fact, as a business lawyer for over fifteen years, he has often represented businesses in big and small matters. His experience comprises resolving personal and family-owned businesses.Dissolving such businesses are highly sensitive matters that require the right amount of gentleness and knowledge of the law to not hurt the parties’ feelings—something that can only come with experience. Mr. Jihad El Haddad aims to offer the same kind of expertise and personalized attention to all his clients—no matter how big or small their enterprises are.Being a Dubai lawyer, he has worked with companies throughout this emirate and has also vast experience in Realistic Matter Assessment, 24×7 Direct Access and Limited Client Population.

Realistic Matter Assessment: Mr. Jihad El Haddad believes in telling his clients in the first consultation thier chances of winning. He believes that there must be a strong link of honesty between him and his clients and therefore offers them the route to resolve their problems based on the facts they give him.  He gives his clients the bare truth that they should be prepared to face—nothing more.

24×7 Direct Access: When Mr. Jihad El Haddad is your advocate, you will not deal with any junior lawyers or secretaries. Instead, you will have direct access to him to deal with when Mr. Jihad El Haddad is your Dubai Lawyer. Direct contact with Jihad is available to clients 24×7 via phone, cell phone, fax and e-mail, so when business clients call to speak to him, they needn’t worry because they will speak to him directly. Mr. Jihad El Haddad realizes that in law, errors are costly and so is very careful with his clients.

Limited Client Population: For a lawyer to practice business law, perhaps the Emirate of Dubai is the perfect place, considering the swelling numbers of business dispute cases. However, despite the many clients Mr. Jihad El Haddad has, he could never speak one-on-one with each of them, so he limits the number of the clients he takes on, choosing them with great care. Due to this, he is able to handle each case of business dispute well and gives it his 100%